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Why Should You Move from Richmond Hill to Ottawa?

Why Should You Move from Richmond Hill, Ontario to Ottawa, Ontario?

You have probably lived in Richmond Hill all your life. You might be now starting to tire of the suburban life.


But be frank with yourself, are you not tired already? Don’t you want to experience new scenes, meet new people, and tell new stories?


Okay, you love Canada. So, how about trying another place in Ontario? How about Ottawa?




Yes, the “real” capital city of Canada, and not the “rose capital” that is Richmond Hill. Besides, Ottawa shares the same time zone (EDT) as your beloved Richmond Hill. Beautifully, it is about 5 hours from Richmond Hill via car.


Interesting, eh?

You don’t even know half of it. Read on to find more.


Think it may be hard to move there?  It’s a little harder than a move across Toronto, but it can still be easily done.  Start by looking online for movers Richmond Hill.  Then look for ones that offer long distance moving services.  I talked to a bunch of them and my favourite was Jaf and his team at
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3 Incredible Reasons Why You Should Relocate from Richmond Hill, ON to Ottawa, ON


Cost and Standard of Living

You’d be surprised to hear that living in Ottawa is more affordable than in Richmond Hill. Despite being the capital city of Canada, Ottawa is one of the most affordable hotspots in the nation.


For a start, charges for rent in Ottawa are cheaper than Richmond Hill’s. According to Numbeo statistics, rents in Richmond Hill are 15.90% higher than Ottawa’s.


Even with cheap rents, Ottawa remains one of the wealthiest hubs in Canada. The city features exciting government and tech jobs.

As such, there are enough job offers to go around. So much so that in 2010, household income stood at an average of $90,790.

In essence, you will have enough to tend to your needs and that of your family. Talking of family, Ottawa has two renowned universities for your child’s education.


In short, Ottawa is cheap, but of excellent quality to your life, your family, and your kids’ future.


The Lures of A City

Indeed, Richmond Hill is a historical feature. There’s the Dunlap’s Observatory and 1840 Heritage Centre. But outside those features, what else?

The chances are that you have even visited the spots far more than you can count. Whereas in Ottawa, the number of fun things to do are endless.


Talk of history, Ottawa will feed your eyes with magnificent, jaw-widening sights. For starters, the city is the ground of numerous centers including:

  • Canadian War Museum,
  • Canadian Museum of History,
  • Canadian Museum of Nature, and
  • National Gallery of Canada
  • The Rideau Canal (who wouldn’t want to spend winters skating along this, sure beats a little hockey arena)
  • Parliament Hill (even if you hate politicians you can have fun booing them all during question period from the gallery)


Those sights are the tip of icebergs; wait till summer for the most thrilling experience. You’d experience festivals as you’d never seen.  Being the capital they have the best Canada Day fireworks display.  Lastly, if you’re one for parties and clubbing, Ottawa will definitely wow you. Be it small-gathering or large-rooftops parties, Ottawa has it all.


Enjoy hockey?  Well instead of begging and trying to bribe your way into an NHL game at Scotiabank Arena the Ottawa Senators tickets at the Canadian Tire Centre are easy to get.  Don’t feel like driving to Kanata?  Watch NHL prospects play downtown for the Ottawa 67s.


Cultural Diversity

Here’s the last reason you should be in Ottawa. With over 1 million inhabitants, the capital city of Canada isn’t just home to Canadians.  Being a capital its home to over a hundred different embassies.


About 40% of Ottawa speaks French.  Now you can start to learn a whole new language and see what fun French-Canadian culture can be.

You will meet people from nooks and crannies of the world there. Unlike the conservative Richmond Hill, every day in Ottawa is a chance to learn new things about other places in the world.

Think of that! What better way is there than to be in Ottawa? You can as well start packing and be here in the next 5 hours.