How Colon Hydrotherapy Helps Your Skin

Skin makes up 20 square feet of the human body, this making it the largest organ in our integumentary system. Keeping the skin healthy is essential not only for the important task it does to eliminate wastes from the inside, but because healthy skin also translates to healthy well-being and beauty.

Since time immemorial, woman has been known to seek all techniques and ways to beautify her. For example, earlier accounts of Cleopatra have showed she used to bathe in pure milk, among other things, to achieve that healthy glowing skin. That is why she is regarded as the most beautiful woman of her time.

Woman and man alike have gone great lengths to keep themselves looking young. Generations after generations, as newer technology have emerged and has been discovered, women were as obsessed as before to keep themselves beautiful, looking young, and have that glowing skin. From natural remedies to chemical peels, laser resurfacing, and other skin rejuvenating treatments, a new practice has swept the scene among people who are seeking to have clear, glowing skin.

Because beauty is not only skin deep: and they call it colon hydrotherapy.

The ancient Egyptians and Greeks practiced inner cleansing, as did traditional Chinese and Indian civilisations. Each of these cultures realised the many health and well-being benefits of this natural treatment, and the fact that it has endured for so long, and has spread so widely, is a testament to its effectiveness. Colon cleansing was first popularized in the early 1900s when the first present day colonic equipment was developed. Many doctors had colonic systems in their surgeries and similar equipment was found in hospitals too. Articles dealing with colon health frequently appeared in prestigious medical and scientific journals until the early 1930’s.

According to Mary Taylor who is a colon hydrotherapy expert at Vitality Source Studio, an alternative medical centre that does Colon hydrotherapy in Toronto, Colonics  is the process of cleaning the colon by flushing large amount of fluid through a tube in the rectum, washing away the toxins and wastes lodged in it. The process could take 45 minutes on an average. Colonics enthusiasts stresses that this procedure has great effects on their overall health like relief from constipation, weight loss, and it makes their skin glow!

While the treatment has taken many forms over the centuries, the essence of the therapy has remained the same – a gentle wash out of the colon using water to remove waste matter, rehydrate and exercise the bowel. Today, therapists use hygienic closed systems, with filtered water to cleanse the colon quickly and easily. Some doctors and medical practitioners are not comfortable with the procedure, and do not recommend it as a means of detox, citing the side effects it can cause and how it not only flushes the toxins and wastes but the natural and good bacteria also found in the colon.

This process has become more and more acceptable to most people. However, there is still no scientific evidence available to support the medical benefits of colonics, despite its increase in popularity and personal testimonies from people.

Some findings published in The Journal of Family Practice show that patients who did colonic cleanses often experienced side effects that included cramping, bloating, nausea, vomiting, kidney failure, and electrolyte imbalance. Mishori, lead author of the study, and colleagues examined 20 published studies on the potentially harmful effects of colon cleanses. “When you flush your colon out with a hose, it’s like giving yourself an enema on steroids. You shouldn’t put things up there that really don’t belong there,” said Mishori, reports CNN. Mishori believes that a balanced diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and frequent doctor appointments all add up to a well-cleansed body.

Colonics is one of the most popular topics now among people when it comes to detox and weight loss – from the average Jane to A-list celebrities. And when celebrities start to talk about things or ideas, it becomes a rage. It starts to catch people’s attention thinking it is an effective and good product and starts to buy it themselves. What used to be a taboo topic now becomes a fad. Almost two thirds of celebrities in Hollywood are colon hydrotherapy advocate.  Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Courtney Love, Usher are among the A-list celebrities who are endorsing colon hydrotherapy. Even Simon Cowell! Simon stated that he finds colonic treatment cleansing and believes that it gives his eyes sparkle. It is one of the steps he takes in to stay looking younger.

How-can-someone-be-comfortable-having-a-tube-in-their-behind kind of interested or I-don’t-care-how-it’s-done-as-long-as-I-get-glowing-skin interested. But now you are interested just the same.

Should you try, or not try?

Colonics is not for the faint hearted. Read more about the topic for you to know what and what not to expect. If you decided to go for it, do not forget to check with your physician. And always stay hydrated.